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Yogurt festival

Yogurt festival has become very important festival in Modern Tibet. It is celebrated over extended period of time. The main events of the festivals are displaying a giant thanka in both Drepung and Sara monastery in Lhasa and the Tibetan opera performance in Norbulingka Palace of Dalai Lamas. Traditionally it was purely a religious festival of offering Yoghurt to the monks. Monks are suppose to stay on retreat during the raining season in order to prevent them stepping and killing insect. When the retreat is over local people would offer the yogurt to the monks visiting thier village. Later Tibetan opera performance was add to it. Opera troupes from different region would gather in Lhasa to performance .
On the main day of the event, people would go to drepung Monastery from early morning to get the glimpse of the giant Thanka of Buddha Sakyamuni (present Buddha) and Sara monastery to get the glimpse of the giant Thanka of Buddha amidhaba (the future Buddha). The yogurt is a must diet of the day.