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Yamdrok Yumtso Lake

Yamdrok Yumtso lake is one of the holiest lake in Tibet. To locals it is believe as a home of a wrathful deities. By making a circumambulation of the lake, one will acquire an infinite positive virtue. Making one circulation of the lake takes about a week. We have a tour itinerary for trekking around the lake.
Yamdrok is located at about 72kms north of Lhasa city. The lake is named after its turquoise color, Yu means turquoise in Tibetan. This beautiful lake is surrounded by snow capped mountains, which makes it a very good scenic spot. It can be seen from Khambala pass (4770 meters). From the lake you will have a clear view of a mountain in distance, the mountain is called Nojin Kangsar and its 7191 meters above the sea level. The mountain is popularly known as Carola Glacier, you will have a closer look at the glacier from Carola pass on your way to Gyantse.This lake has gained its popular in tourism industry.

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