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The Nagqu Horse Racing Festival

Horse has been closely associated with Tibetan life both for materiel and spirit aspiration. Affection towards horse is natural impulse of Native Tibetan and horse racing has been main entertainment for many Tibetan festivals and gatherings.
The Nagqu horse racing festival is one of the most famous and its held in the month of August. Nagqu is located in northern Tibet and it is a nomad area. Natural scenic and natural climatic are at its utmost beautiful state during the festivals. During the festivals nomad and tourist would gather around to witness this beautiful festivals. Locals would wear there beautiful and colorful traditional costume. The venue of the race would be surround by beautiful tent with colorful praying flags. The view of beautiful tent with people wearing beautiful costume and the race would give visitor a truly a mesmerizing experience.. the festival last for five to fifteen days. We can design a costume made tour design for you for the festival…