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Sakya Monastery

Sakya monastery is the main monastery of Sakya sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery and the sect is name after the gray color soil of the region. It was founded by the Khon Kunchok Gyalpo the founding father of the sect in year 1073. Later Drogon Choegyal Phakpa built the capels which is currently the main attraction for the tourist. During the Choegyal Phakpa time the skayapa rule Tibet until phakmodrukpa took over the center command. All the house and buildings in sakya has unique painting style which is derive from the Sakya phurba(the vajra) the holiest object in the monastery.
With uniquely architectural design of the monastery, beautiful scenery, and popular 8 hot spring around the monastery made it a very popular tourist destination. In side the southern monastery you will see a huge wooden pillar made from one single trunk of tree. The pillars are so big that even two people can barely cover its circumference. You will also see the wall of big scripture which remain untouch for pass seven hundred years. Some of the scripture are so big that even twelve well built men could barely move it. It is said that the wall of scripture would absorb all the natural calamities, on every encounter with the calamities a scripture would come out from its former place. Another yet very interesting thing near the wall of scripture is a well near the wall. The well helps keeps the moisture of the scripture in summer and prevent the scripture from drying up. The water in the well would come up in the summer and it drys in the winter. There are other walls such as wall of painting and statues. If you are a believer you must not miss the glimpse of Sakya Phurpa (the vajra which is the main shrine of the monastery) and the mummified statue of the founding father of the Sakya order.
In town of Sakya has same house painting style of the monastery. Those color symbolise the three color of Sakya phurba. The beautiful country side of Sakya and the magnificent monastery are the main reason for gaining its popularity over the years

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