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Rongbuk Monastery

The Rongbuk monastery is located near the Everest base camp. It is located at the altitude of 4980 meters above sea level which makes it the world highest monastery currently. The monastery was found by Guru Padmasambava, the Indian scholar who initaited Nyimapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism in 8th century. Due his contribution and hard work it is now said that he initiated Buddhism in Tibet even it has initiated already century before.
The monastery has three nunneries and monasteries with 500 dwellers. In year 1901 it was renovated and redesign to current status by Lama Ngawang Tenzin. The monastery has become a very popular tourist destination over the years. The monastery has the guest house providing dwelling service for the tourist. There are lots of tent guess house near the monastery and these guest house has become very popular for its colorful decoration and the service. Visitor are advice to be careful on the belonging as those tent guest doesn’t provide any security at all.

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