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Ralung Monastery

Ralung monastery was found by the first Gyalwa Drukpa Tsangpa Gyare in year 1180. The monastery was once serve as the head seat of Drukpa Kagyu(the sub sect of Kagyupa sect), which later become the main sect of Bhutan. The monastery was once very active and main learning center for the sect. Later during the reign of fifth Dalai Lama, the Gyalwa Ngawang Namgyal was told to move to the uncivilized south region of Tibet to which he establish the kingdom of Bhutan (Druk yul means land of druk, named after the sect.) Ngawang Namgyal became the first king of Bhutan.
The monastery is surrounded by the geographical structure which symbolize the eight auspicious sign. The monastery is less popular tourist site yet once when visit it provide you indepth knowledge of the founding drukpa kagyu. The main shrine of the monastery is the statue of Drogon Phakmodrupa, which is said the different individual would see different expression on his face according to one’s merit. The foot print of a horse and the dog of Tsangpa Gyare. And the Metal stick which is made from all the different kind of Metal available. You also see the scriptures which are more then thousand year old.

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