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Norbulingkha palace

Norbulingkha, the summer residence of successive Dalai Lama. It literary means the Park of Jewels. Norbulingkha was founded by seven Dalai Lama in year 1755. It was initially started as the place of retreat and for medicinal bath for the founding Dalai Lama to cure his leg ailment, later it was used as the retreat for the summer time. After him each successive Dalai Lama has contribute to formation of the current Norbulingkha. Now norbulingkha has its own zoo, Lake, Lake house and the gardens. The biggest palace and most popular palace is Takten Mingur palace built by young 14th Dalai Lama.
It is very popular picnic spot for the Local Tibetan population. Its most crowed during the yoghurt festival during which there will be Tibetan opera show.
Across the street from Norbulingkha there is Tibet museum. Tibet museum house the huge collection artifacts from Tibetan ancient civilizations to the date. It has lots of different design of Tibetan pottery from which Tibet museum has derive its logo.

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