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Lamaling monastery is located in the nyingchi river valley, about 30 kilometers from the Bayi town. The original monastery was situated on the hill behind the current monastery, the hill is called Norbu ri. After it was destroyed in 1930, the monastery was rebuilt on the small flat land below the ruins of old monastery.
The monastery was the seat of late Dudjom Rinpoche, who also served as the main head of Nyingmapa. The monastery is an octagon shape and it is four storied monument. It is a fusion of Tibetan and Han artistic and architectural style. The main shrine in the monastery is the foot print of Guru padmasambhava and his statue. There are also many new statues, these new statues are made with the finest art of statue making from Qamdo prefecture. You can also see the stone has it beautiful legend. It is said the after the earthquake’s destruction the Rinpoche preformed the consecration ceremonies for the small temple, after the ceremony the Rinpoche has seen the three horn goat and it vanish into the stone.
The one very unusual feature is the monastery has a large wooden model of male and female genital beside the model. It is from Bon tradition to drive off evil spirits. Another unusual thing about the monastery is that both monks and nun prayed in same assemble hall.

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