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Jokhang Temple

Jokang Temple ‘s traditional name is Rasa trul nang Tsullkang. Jokang or Jowo Khang means chapel of Jowo (Buddha in Tibetan). It was built by Songtsan Gampo to house a statue of Buddha brought by his Nepalese queen Bikuti as a dowry and Jokhang has a sister temple of Ramoche, which originally house the statue brought by his Han queens princess Wencheng. Later the statue was interchanged for security reason after the death of Songtsan Gampo. And thats how now the main statue of Jokhang is the one brought in by Han queen and Ramoche’s was the one brought by Nepalese queen.
Jokang is one of the oldest temple in Tibet. It is a must visit shrine for any Tibetan visiting Lhasa. Traditionally one must visit it twice on every visit to Lhasa, one on arrival and one on departure. The temple is always busy with the long line of pilgrims with buzzing voice of reciting mantras. Visiting Jokang is a unparalleled Tibetan experience.

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