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Gyantse Damak (Gyantse horse racing festival)

Gyantse Damak or Gyantse horse racing festival has history of over 500 years. It is started as an athlectic competition in 1400. Now it is an important inter-village competition. According to legend this festival was initiated by the prince Gungsang rabten of Gyantse in living memory of his father. Initially it was mainly a religious ceremony with little entertainment such as wrestling matches and weightlifting. In 1447 prince Tashi Rabten added horse racing, archery, Tibetan opera, songs and dance to the festivals
That is how the present gyantse Dama festivals formed. It is also called as gyantse horse racing festival simply for the reason that it is the main attraction of the festival.

This festival will give you a great spice to your trip in Tibet. You would be able to within all the Tibetan arts performance and tradition sport in one venue. This is truly an all in one tour for those who wish to have great culture exploration tour in Tibet.