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Ganden Monastery

Ganden Monastery is traditionally known as Ganden Namgyal Ling Monastery was found by Tsongkhapa the founder of Yellow hat sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery was located 45 kilometers away from Lhasa with 3900 attitude above sea level. Beautiful view of snow capped mountain and magnificent scenery for the valley below the monastery were breath taking. To enjoy these beautiful view it is advisable for every one make one circulation of the entire monastery from the outer path.
The monastery has one huge main assembly hall know as Tsokchen in Tibetan, which can house entire monks. The monastery is divide into two collages; Jhangtse (Northern) and Shertse (Eastern). There is a meditation cave of Tsonkhapa, which house many images of naturally formed Buddha and Bodhisatvas. The seat of the prime authority of the monastery is pass on to the most learned scholar of the sect and the seat of Gaden monastery is also the main seat of the yellow head sect.
The most popular time to visit the monastery is during the Ganden Shelthang festival. On the day there will be a display of huge embroidered Thanka of Tsongkhapa and his two spiritual sons(student). The festival will be attended by thousands of believers from every corner of Tibet. Yalow hat sect is the most popular and has greatest numbers of believers in Tibet.

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