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Gaden Ngachoe

Gaden Ngachoe is the day commemorating the death Je-Tsongkapa. He is a founder of Gelukpa (the yellow hat sect) of Tibetan Buddhism. He achieved parinirvana in year 1419 AD. During this day almost every Tibetan offers butter lamp outside their home, monastery and temples. There is a special ritual ceremony in Gaden monastery, which is his seat and his tomb is also house there.
In Lhasa entire population of Tibetan would gather and circumambulate the Bakor street. Entire buildings in Bakor street would be cover with butter lamp offering outside the house and Jhokhang Temple would be filled with butter lamp offering.
In each household here would prepare a spacial mourning noodle, which is must in every household. This day gives you a unique opportunity to see the entire bakor street cover with butter lamp and thousands of people praying in Bakor street.