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Everest base camp tours

Mount Everest is currency the highest point of the world. It was name after Sir Everest who calculate the high of the mountain and gave it his name. The Tibetan name of the mountain is Qumolangma which means mother of all the mountains. The current standard hight of the mountain is 8,844.43 meters above the sea level.
Tourist can reach the Everest base camp from both Nepal side and China side, but many preferred to make from China side of the mountain as it has motorable road up to the base camp. From the base camp we will have good chance to gaze at the majestic Everest. Tourist are not allow to go further towards Everest and base camp is the maximum limit for the tourist. It is marked by the stone table where the altitude is craved. The altitude of Everest base on China side is 5250 meters above sea level.
There is a cluster of local tent available for tourist for the over night stay. Visiting the base also give you addon experience of staying in very unique hotel in Tibet.

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