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Drepung Monastery

Drepung Monastery was built by Jamyang Choeje Tashi Palden the disciple of Tsongkapa in year 1416. Drepung is named after a Tsongkapa vision of a cluster of white monastic building like a heap of rice on an empty hill, which he later ask his main disciple to build the monastery as he has visualize. Within the first year it has attracted more then 2000 monks. Its one of the biggest monastery in central Tibet.
In year 1530 the second Dalai Lama establish the Gaden Palace. This palace was home to Dalai Lama until fifth Dalai Lama built and more his residence to Patala Palace. Second, third and fourth Dalai Lamas are entombed here.

Drepung monastic university is divided into four collage. Ngagpa collage (devoted to Tantric study), and other collages like Loseling, Deyang and Gomang are devoted to logic. The studies and the orgin of the texts thats are being studied are trace back to the Nalanda university of Ancient India

The main assemble hall is the biggest structure in the monastery and it is a great architecture wonder. The huge stone pillar and the huge statue makes many visitor leaves with very found memories.

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