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Drak yerpa

Drak Yerpa is situated at 21 km towards northeast of Lhasa it is located on altitude of 4300 meters above sea level. It has more then 80 meditation caves and temples. In the spiritual history of Tibet, many enlighten person has meditate here from Tibetan king Songtsen Gampo to Atisha (the Bangal scholar who help rejuvenate Buddhism in Tibet).
You will find the naturally formed symbols of Buddha’s mind, speech and body.
In the temple where once the king Songtsen gampo meditated, you will find a white color dot on the floor. According to mythical stories, it was formed by the milk of goat how feed to quench the trist of king Songtsan Gampo after completing his meditation session. The servant found out and chase it away while the king was drinking its milk. That is how some drop of milk dripped and formed the white spot on the floor.
At present Yerpa has become a famous destiny for people of Lhasa to go for pilgrimage and there many small business setup meeting the needs of pilgrims.

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