biking tours

Overs a years Tibet has become a very popular destination of cyclers. With breath taking views and heart beating physical challenages, cycling has become important to most of cyclling enthusiastic around the world. But it is always adivisable to make cycling tour contacts with an exprienced tour agency, with the nature of harsh reality of nature in mind. We are very proud to identify ourself as a very experienced in cycling tour in Tibet. Cycling tour in Tibet is an awe-inspiring experience and is a must adventure for cyclists, which is a journey worth taking. In cycling tour to Tibet brings you to the two of Asia’s most exotic cities, five major passes over 5000m and traverse a distance of 1000 km over the backbone of the Himalayas and Mt. Everest Base Camp which is must not to be missed the tour. We have this two itineraries for cycling tour in Tibetan pleatua, but we can always make special tour iterneraries to meet the request put on by the clients.