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Bakhor street

Bakhor literary means middle path of circumambulation. Traditionally, Lhasa has three circumbulation path: lingkhor (the outer path), Bakhor(middle path) and inner path (Nangkhor: which is a circumambulation of Jokang temple).
Bakhor is a quadrangle street that surrounds Jokhang Temple. Bakhor street is both spiritual heart and main shopping district for Tibetan. it was a biggest free Market in Tibet in pre-liberation period.

The walk around Bakhor is about one kilometer long and it encircled entire Jokhang, Muru nyingba Monastery and number of nobles’ house including Tromzikhang (The place where there used to exchange products between farmer and locals take place, now its a vegetable and whole sale market) and Jamkhang (the temple of Future Buddha, next Muru Ningba). There are four large incense burning oven in the four side of Bakhor.

Bakhor gives you a real Tibetan experience in Lhasa by walking with the pilgrims with smell of incense their offers to the god protecting the Jokhang Temple and to buy souvenir to take back home. It also a great spot for photographer to click people wearing different costume from every corner of Tibet.

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