Tibet travel permit info:- Tibet is open for year 2014. As per our latest information, Tibet is OPEN to most foreign tourists! Permits has been began being accepted from 24 March 2014. The current regulations state, similar to 2013, that no group travel is required. Solo travelers can apply for travel permits. Also, mixed nationality groups can also apply for permits. The only exception are travelers from Norway.

To travel to the Tibet Autonomous Region! You also need a tour guide, a private vehicle and driver. Only a travel agency can arrange these for you.

Everest Base Camp (EBC) unexpectedly closed in October 2013 due to rare heavy snow in the region. However, EBC is now open to foreign travelers. There is road construction going on between the village of Chay (located just north of the Pang La/Geu La Pass) all the way to the village of Chodzom. Because of this construction, all vehicles going to EBC are being rerouted through Old Tingri. The road from Old Tingri to EBC is 60 kilometers long. It is still a dirt road, however the condition of the road has improved over the past year. It is hard to say how long the road from Chay to Chodzom via the Pang La/Geu La Pass will be closed.

What is a TTP? In China Tibet is known as the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) and has a different tourism regulation compare to the rest of China. This means that for foreigners traveling to Tibet, in addition to a valid Chinese tourist visa, a special travel permit must also be processed in order to visit Lhasa and other accessible areas for foreign tourists in Tibet (Shigatse, Gyantse, Everest Base Camp, etc.). Even with a valid TTP, foreign travellers are only permitted to visit certain areas designated by the Tibet Tourism Bureau.

We get many folks asking us how long the application process takes? The time necessary for the process can vary a bit. Officially, the process can take up to as long as 15 days, so we always want to allow a minimum of that length of time. In reality, it is sometimes much faster – 3 to 4 days even.
Note: A TTP can only be processed after obtaining a valid Chinese tourist visa.