Tibet is one of the world’s most interesting region to visit, especially if you come from far away. Tibet’s breadth of different and deep culture, impressive architectural feats, and wide-ranging spectacular scenery will take your breath away… and keep you coming back for more.

Tibet tours and travel

Geographically Tibet plateau is known as the roof of the world or third pole of the earth, with an average altitude of 4950m above the sea level. Tibet plateau is bounded by two mighty ranges, where Himalayan range consist of the world highest peak Mt.Everest situates from south to west and Thanggula ranges in the north on the alpine terrain conditions which brought us dry and continental climate in Tibet, with strong winds, low humidity, a ratified atmosphere by a huge fluctuation in annual and summer daytime temperature. The atmosphere is severely dry for nine months of the year, and average annual snowfall is only 18 inches, due to the rain shadow effect. The Indian monsoon exerts some influence on eastern Tibet. Northern Tibet is subject to high temperatures in the summer and intense cold in the winter.

Though, Tibet has its own various taste of visiting it on the various seasons. Tibet Winter Trip is one the most favorable tour as well as it will let many of the travelers to admire. Till today, many travelers from a different part of the world have thought of harsh climate in Tibet during the winter that might bring them uncomfortable or inconvenience in every arrangement. But the reality is cold in morning and night, though its warm under the sun as Tibet is called the sunlight city. Here are some reasons that you should refer to the winter trip.

The usual trip is most favorable for many of the travelers for witnessing the beauty of Tibet. Tibet is one of the most remarkable places in Asia to visit. Tibet has many monasteries, breathtaking high-altitude trek routes, stunning views of the world’s highest mountains and very friendly Tibetan people. A trip to Tibet will take you past snowy mountains and turquoise lakes. You will go over many high passes, with prayer flags draping from the hilltops. One may take a limitless adventure on the world’s wildest roads.