Lhasa city is the spiritual capital of Tibetan and political capital of present Tibet autonomous region. The city has long history of fourteen centuries and it is one of the most popular tourist destination of the World. The city has develop its own unique blend culture. Its culture has been hugely influence by Tibetan Buddhism and others. The city has now increasing number factor influencing its culture, and It is progressively become a modern city with its unique features.
Here are the list of Things you as an travel might want to do while you are in Tibet.

Taste local food

Lhasa has its own spacial delicacy like Bho-thuk (Tibetan noodle ), Lhup-thuk, Sha baklep and fried potato. Bho-thuk and Lhup thuk are noodle boil in yak soup and it can give you a unique taste with its simplicity. Lhup-thuk is little thicker though both are much thicker as compare to our day to day noodles. Sha-baklep is traditionally as chapati filled with meat and fried, but in Lhasa you will find a different form of Sha-baklep, Lhasa sha baklep is meat is being stuck on the beard rather then being filled inside. Poeple may find the seller might have done it to save some meat but it offer a light and better taste then traditional Sha-baklep. Lhasa fried potato is a very popular for the locals and the visitors too. It is just a simple fried potato like finger chips but the way it is fried and the Tibetan home grown potato gives a unique taste.

Explore the Monasteries with its legendary stories

Tibet in other terms know as land of legendary tales. All the Monastery, temples and any other attractions in Tibet has many legendary tales to tell. It would be a great to listen and bring back the gift of stories to your home to children.
Have you heard a great stories about the family of Palden Lhamo family in Jhokhang. The reason one image of Palden Lhamo is located out side on the street of Bhakhor street. This is a great love story and it could be a good story to tell to your spouse home. Like this one there are many stories which give rise to a uniqueness to all the attractions of Tibet.

Enjoy the Architectural wonders

Tibetan has there own building style. The house build in Tibetan style has a unique functionality as being warm in winter and cool in the summer. It is build with locally available materials. All the walls are made with mud and the stone. The walls are thicker in the bottom and the little thinner at the top. The area which is facing south have a window, which gives green house effect on the house and keep the house warm.
One very interesting thing about Tibetan architecture is how the roof and terrace are build. The roof is entirely support by the thick wall and the pillar. The pillar (Ka) is made entirely by a pieces of log. Dungma is the one that pass the weight of roof to the pillar and wall. Chum is the inner of the roof. On which the roof is layered. Arka is what we layered on the on chum and it is the main composition of the roof. For the arka there use the mixture of the grind stone and water made by soaking a tree bark. The bark gives the functionality of hardness and the shining.
Potala and Jhokhang are the great example of Tibetan style architecture.

Visit Tibet during its Festivals.

Tibetan has lots of festivals in a year and it is a great advantage to explore its culture. Every Tibetan festivals has different tales to tell and there all have there own uniqueness. We can read more about Tibetan festivals in our festivals page. One of the most popular among the foreign tourist are the yogurt festivals and Saga Dawa the month long festivals to celebrate the life of Buddha. We will be able to explore to festive life of Tibetan.

Explore daily life of Tibetan

Tibetan with its geographical features has a different life style. Exploring Tibetan daily life could be must to do for the tourist. If you visit the Tibetan village, you will be able to witness this unique life style of Tibetan. We offer tour in which you can visit the Tibetan families in village spent a day, including a lunch. This gives many visitor an authentic experience for the visitors. We could also choose a day trek to visit a Tibetan nomad families.

Taste Tibetan alcohol and local beer

If you are consuming alcohol, We have our own Alcohol which is called Bho-rak and wine called Chang. Both are made from grain. Many traveler to drink locally made and this is one thing you would keep in your mind while your are in Tibet. There are some packed alcohol and Tibetan wine which are license and safe to consume.

Explore multiculturalism of modern Tibetan society.

Modern Tibetan societies has become a Multi-culture due to rapidly improvements in life. During your stay in Tibet, you can also enjoy the culture of other ethic of China. There are many restaurant offering delicacies of different ethic back ground of china. Tibet could give you all in one culture experience of China.
Many tourist miss visiting the grand mosque, Many believe Tibetan are Buddhist but there are Traditionally Muslim too. The grand mosque was built during the reign of fifth Dalai Lama. When he grant residential permission for merchants from Kashmir. Through it is rebuilt recently yet it gives the opportunities to explore the history Muslim in Tibet and the flourishing society of Muslim minorities around the mosque.