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I highly recommended Songtsan travel. Both Nyima(guide ) and the driver went out of their way to make the trip very special.

not only did they show me the Tibet of people dream, they also introduced me to the incredible people in a social setting of modern Tibet. ewell as welle ad ancient Tibet…

thank you very much



“Tenzin is the great driver who make me feel safe all the time, even in the difficult road away from Lhasa.

Kalsang is such a amazing guide. She is not only well informed but also really helpful in every situation or difficulties we found in our way.

I will recommend both of them for ongoing travel to Tibet”



Hey, they are good men, friendly, co-operative, caring always ready to help. They in fact are not just a guide and a driver. They are friends in a lots of ways. They explain the culture and language. no doubt, good man” Junsun


Hörður Ingólfsson

 We highly recommend Songtsan travel after an unforgettable week in Tibet. The staff and personal are friendly and if there were any unforeseen problems, they solved smoothly. The local origin of the staff is a benefit, it gave u a very local experience and genuine insight into the life of Tibetans. One obvious thing to improve is the safety and maintenance of the vehicle we rode in. Seat belt is absolute must in every car! 


First I would like thank you for the nice trip we have got in Tibet. People have enjoyed it very much and have a great souvenir. And that was possible for the kind staff we got (drivers and cooks), for the good guide (Pasang) and for your cooperation with the changes over the ground. But just to improve this trip on the future I want to notice you a few things: The camping tents must be big enough for 2 people and waterproof; in August there are a lot of storms, rain falls and bad weather. We usually fold down the tents complete wet and wait for the afternoon Sun to dry its. But if the bad weather persists for 2 days or more, we must be ready to look for a solution like a simple hotel or shelter on the way! That happens to me in Dira Puk, when at dinner time most of them have the tent wet and still 12 hours ahead of rain. I move them to some rooms just for 780Y and things change in better. We must think that most of them are over 50 and some over 60 years old. So they prefer to avoid camping and tents. For the future we must include hotels in Saga and Darchen in both ways, going for the kora and after the kora (it would be difficult make them camping near a city with a hotel, shower, shops and restaurants they¡äve been before).Also in the Kailash kora we must have the same tables and chairs we¡äve got in Manasarovar kora! It made a big difference of comfort; and isn’t a reason just save a few kilos on the yaks! About the food was good and enough; just the pack-lunch was every day the same (boiled egg, chapatti, sausage, apple and Snicker). I suggest you try to vary it a little, because if someone doesn’t like this items he has no options for 8 days. I can help now bringing some items from Kathmandu like cheese, tuna fish, sardines, dry fruits, etc. more at european style.I think it¡äs all. We¡äre happy with the trip and you have a really good staff who help people with luggage, pictures, etc. That makes a big difference with other trips in Tibet.



Driver:  Execellent job.

2nd Driver: Great men and driving.

Guide: very good guide