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Social Responsibility

  • Social Responsibility,cloth distribution
    cloth distribution
  • Social Responsibility,sewing workshop by disables
    sewing workshop by disables
  • Social Responsibility,supporting schools
    supporting schools
  • Social Responsibility,Leaving no trace, eco tourism
    Leaving no trace, eco tourism


Songtsan Travel is a social enterprise based in Tibet; it has committed to contribute back to society through the social responsibility initiatives. We believe in concept of helping people to help them. We have been trying our best of our limited funds to provide diversified contributions to the society. Songtsan Travel has provided financial contributions to initiative society. Songtsan Travel is a primary supporter to a school for under privileged children and adults who slipped their chance to study in regular schools. Songtsan has also been helping group of physically disables people in starting their own business. As a travel company we always promote Eco-Tourism.


Social responsibility, Supporting Tibetan Children Education

As being a responsible local travel agency, we support a children’s education in Tibet. A part of our income from travel business goes directly to educate the children in Lhasa. The school children come from different regions of Tibet and they are different ages. We have a dream and hope to serve these needy children to get them better education to lead a better life.┬áIn our education support scheme, we are making contribution to the School started by our friend for the destitute children and adults who miss their opportunity to study in normal school, we also printing learning materials and making financial contribution to local orphanage and school for disable children.


Social responsibility, clothes distributions to local people

As a tour operating company we have greater privilege to meet People in different locality. We are distributing cloth to needy people which we meet in our tours. The cloths are mostly donated by our client friends and our staffs. We are very happy to bring them the warm clothes which would very helpful in cold winter here in Tibet. You as and our client, you are welcome to bring us cloths to be distributed during your trip.


Social responsibility, providing financial aid to new entrepreneur

Songtsan travel has been assisting many small scale entrepreneurs in starting their business. Currently we are mentoring three small scale enterprises. The main aim of this mentor-ship and funding project is to improve the living standard of local residents and contribute back to the society. We believe those who receive our assistance will become set an example in their community and one day there will initiate their own mentor-ship to some others.


Social responsibility, Eco-tourism

We do understand the role nature has played in development of this huge tourism industry in Tibet and all over China. As a Tour company it is over utmost responsibility to try our best to conserve the Nature at their Natural state. Every year, during winter we arrange a training tour for our guides and crew members on Eco-tourism. This training has helped them widening their view on importance of Ecological balance. The impact of the training was very visible and it has been very much appreciated by many clients. You can read our company profile in Tibet eco-travel collective website



We believe is doing our bit with noblest intention. Doing business with us means you are boosting our ability to do more in coming years. As long as sky exists, may our noble intention shine brightly!!!