Books send by our former clients

Books send by our former clients.

Songtsan Travel is a social enterprise based in Tibet. It has committed to contribute back to society through its social responsibility initiatives. We believe in the concept of helping people to help them. We have been trying our best of our limited funds to provide diversified contributions to our society. Songtsan Travel has provided financial contributions in Tibet by supporting underprivileged children and adults who slipped their chance to study in regular schools. Songtsan has also been helping a group of physically disables people in starting their own business. As a travel company, we always promote Eco-Tourism.

Today, we received a huge number of different levels of textbooks from our former clients who travel to Tibet through us. By witnessing that we do some really appreciative in supporting the local society, they are interested to help us on top of that. We brought them to our leisure school to distribute them to the children who are in need of these books. Thank you very much for our supporters!!!