Sera Phumjhel

Sera Phumjhel means audience of varjara in Sera monastery. Sera is the one of the three largest monastery in Tibet, and largest monastery in Lhasa area.  Its belong to the Yellow sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Sera Tamdin is the protector deity of the Sera monastery and the Yellow sect. It is believed to be the manifestation of Avalokiteswara (the Buddha of compassion). Phurpa usually means the thunderbolt and it is the weapon use by deities to suppress the evils and it also hold very important space in Tantric Buddhist.

On the 27th day of last month of Tibetan lunar calendar, the Varjara  of Tamdin brought out for the public audience. On this day entire population of Lhasa would go to Sera monastery to get the blessing of Tamdin. This also marks the beginning of Tibetan New year. Every family makes final preparation of the New Year.

This year the arrangement was very good. The local government has made lots of preparation for the smooth functioning of the audience. Every officials are very supportive to the elders. In order to avoid the crowd rushing and crashing, the fence was prepare from three kilometers distance from the monastery. On every quarter Kilometer they have prepare hot drinking water. due to the huge crowd it took about six hours to the audience.

In monastery the abbot was holding the Varjara wrapped in  the yellow cloth and placing it on the head of devotes. By the end of the day it was worth all the struggle to reach the monastery. It reminds a proverb saying “there is no switch button to  happiness”.

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