Saga Dawa festival is festival falls on the forth month of Tibetan lunar calendar.  This festival is celebrate to commemorate the Birth, enlightenment and the parinirvana of the Gautama Buddha, the principle teacher of the Buddhist. It is believe that the lord Buddha was born, attain enlightenment and achieve Parinivana on the same day, which is on the 15th of the forth month of Tibetan lunar calender.

This month has been purely a religious month in every Tibetan society. There are lots of religious custom develop as per the local traditions and believe. i am writing here some of the most common traditions.

It is must to visit temples and monastery and make offering to the three jewels of Buddhism. The three jewels of buddhism are Buddha (the teacher), Darma (his teachings) and Sangha (the religious community). although it is universally hold Sangha as a monks community but there are some who believe that Sangha is a religious community of who ever indulge in religious practice, not necessarily the monk communities. It is commonly encourage people in abstaining indulging in practicing evil deeds, it is believe that if an individual practice evil deeds the sin accumilate would be thousand times and if some one does a positive deeds, he would accumulate thousand fold positive virtue or karma.

In Lhasa people would go to visit Jokhang temple and some other religious center around Lhasa. There would to different monastery and religious place for pilgrimage. Every single individual has a group religious freinds and there would contribute the money for group religious practice.  One of the most popular religious group activity is to make offering to the entire statue in Jhokang temple, and go to visit some monastery in distance and make offering there.

In Darchen near Mt Kailash. Local people and devotees who visit the mountain for the pilgrimage would participate in change the religious flag. This traditions of changing the darchen falls back to historical dates. Darchen literary means the big flag.

One of the most common practice during the month is to abstain consuming meet and adopting vegetarian diet for the month. The fifteenth day of the month, it is believe to be the exact date for Buddha birth, nirvana and parinivana. During the day people would indulge in religious activities. this is like the D day for Tibetan religious activities. If you visit Tibet during the day, you will be able to witness religious activities of Tibetan community.

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