Pal Lhamo is a protector  deity to majority of Tibetan Institute and special protector of Lhasa. Pal Lhamo festivals is celebrate on 15th day of 10th lunar month of Tibetan calender. Traditionally people around the Lhasa city would go to Jho-Khang Temple to have a audience to frog faced Palden Lhamo and the Statue of king Songtsan Gampo, which are close for public throughout the year. Its important for local people to grasp the only opportunity for them to pay homage to their protector deity for protecting them. I have heard that local people would make line across the Bakor street from night before to have audience with two figure. But in modern Lhasa communities that day is observe as the women’s day technically. the male members of the communities would give a money to his female relatives and female friends. Ladies would have dinner out or would buy something for herself.

From friends and family i have heard two different story about the day and both looking very relevant to the celebration.

Legend has it  that Palden Lhamo was curse by her mother that she would grow up a very ugly and would only meet her lover once a year. Palden Lhamo as a young girl was very mischievous and disobedient. might have make her mother very angry to make this curse. As a result of this wrathful curse of mother has was grown up with frog face and was only able to meet her lover who is the protector deity of drip (village opposite to Lhasa across kyichu river) once a year. Which is when Pal Lhamo festivals is.

Another story in related to the history. During the king Songtsan Gampo reign Palden Lhamo out did entire deities in promise to protect the king’s shrine and she was assign a sole responsible in protecting the Jho-Khang Temple which was at the was in process of building. She gave king a iron cup and pledge the king to fill the iron cup with Tibetan barley wine and place it infront of her image and she shall protect the Jho-Khang Temple from human and demons.

I dont know that relevance of the ring on king Songtsan Gampo’s statue  with the festival and Pal Lhamo but its said its important to have a look on it. From my experience in celebrating Pal Lhamo Day is that is gives opportunity for the male members to realize the sacrifice makes by the women in day to day life for the sake of love and important role play by women  in creating better life for every one….