Nyekar Festivals (ploughings festival): Tibetan Society is mainly an agrarian and nomadic society. These two has been the main occupation and the main industry in Tibet until recent development. But it is important for traveler to have an idea that the Tibetan culture and way of life has been preserve better in the rural communities. The main reason for the conservation is they retain the same life style and occupations beside dramatic improvement in every fields.

Today i will write a little bit Tibetan farming culture. We have the same basic farming culture as those in other part of great Himalayas. Which might be same in all over the world for some reasons. But there some few things in our farming culture. Which makes it little diffirent, where our religion and way of life plays a great deal.

This festival falls at the first labor in the field. It does not have specific date for the festival. This festival falls on the first good day of the spring according to Tibetan Astrology. Its a complete traditional festivals. People wear tradition dress and dress up their yaks and other farm animal for the festival. In the morning at home, there will celebrate in the court yard and make offerings to the deity for the good fortune and good harvest at the end of the year during the ongkor festival.

Before able man and women depart from home to work in farm, the elders of the household would offer them chemar( the tsampa mixed with butter and suger) and Chang (Tibetan wine). There would also put butter on the thorns of yak and other animal.

Then in the field, After every one gather in the field they would say a prayer and burn incense. After prayer ceremony they would make three circumambulation in the field and starting to work. The able men would ploughings the fields and the women would throw the seeds following him.

During this their would just work for some times to signify the beginning of field work of this new year. After which their would celebrate and in the field. Every one will have to bring some contribution for the group. The drinking, and dancing are some main key features in Tibetan ceremonies after paying tribute to the gods…

In few days we will write about other Tibetan festivals. Please continue reading… Lets us know if there is any changes i need to make…