Book Tibet tour: Booking a tour to Tibet might seem complicated for many travelers. Yet it isn’t that hard to do. There are thousands of foreign travelers making their tour to Tibet every year. If it is possible for them, it is possible for you too, with the right information. These steps are what we follow as a Tibet travel company and we are not asking you to book your trip with us. It is just information to make it easier for you.



Don’t make a move with out any information.


Gather information about latest development and the government policies regarding foreign tourist. There are lots of Tibet travel agency websites available which gives you up to date information. You could read about it on our website too. There are lot of other websites too. You might want to look for a travel agency base in Lhasa and Tibetan for more local information.


Send an email to them and tell them your plan in detail. Use plan and simple English as many of them do not have a good command in English.


Fix your itinerary. They will make you an itinerary base on your interest and knowledge. you could also select from the pre-made itineraries they offer in their website. It is advisable for you to ask their suggestions. they might have some good options in their menu.


After fixing your itinerary and the date, ask them if it is ok for you to get Chinese Visa from your home country, If you are entering from Nepal you have to get the Visa from Chinese embassy in Nepal. if you got Visa from your country and entering from Nepal. You will have to get Visa from Chinese embassy in Nepal and it is double procedure.


After confirming with your tour itinerary, The travel agency will have to start processing your Tibet Travel Permit (some times known as Tibet Visa) and other permits. In order to process your Permit, your agency will need your clear scanned copy of your passport and Chinese Visa (passport copy only,if you are entering from Nepal). there also need you to make a initial deposit.


Making initial deposit is a government regulations and your agency will have to show your receipt or bank transfers slip to make your travel permit. the amount for deposit differ as per their company policy, as for us we ask 30% to 40% of total amount.initial deposit.


To be safe, ask the travel agency to send you their registration certificate( and look for any one who might have travel with them. You could also ask them(the clients) questions about their reliability. Many travel website offers links to their happy clients.


After making your Travel permit, they will deliver your travel permit to your Hotel in China/Airport in China or if you are coming from Nepal, they will send your permit to the border with your guide.


Once upon the arrival, you might want to meet the sales person, who has been communicating with you over the time. and have his/her cell phone number in handy. There is always an option to make any changes on your arrival. Be sure to notice the capabilities and behaviors of your guide and driver before proceeding further from Lhasa.


Do not pay the remaining amount, until you are happy about the service provide or sure about the service provided. this will make them more concern about your satisfaction about the service


  • Have a video conference with them before paying them the initial deposit.
  • Check for their registration certificate before booking you tour.
  • Look for the client testimonials and ask them to send you the contact information of their pass customer for you to ask about his/her recommendations.


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