Have you ever notice of holy Chorten at Takze county.

Takze county is located at the east side of Lhasa city which covers 60km for returning Lhasa. This small town is one of the busiest among many towns located nearby Lhasa city for its resources of native Yak meat, local eggs, and milking. As far as this town is located very near to Lhasa city, it has priority of rapid improvement in the lifestyle of locals by brought their various product sales in Lhasa city.

Since, being one of the most adventurous towns near Lhasa city, we used this beautiful town for the relaxation of mind and body during our holiday by the picnic.  While we go for a picnic this weekend, I found a holy Chorten lies at the backward of the Takze county. It was a very impressive place.

As far as I reach nearby the Chorten, I tried to catch up some related information about the Chorten. It is considered to be one of the holy Chorten located nearby the Takze county. While you rotate the Chorten as per your age, it will release your external pain and interior suffering.

Holy chorten at Takze county