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As saying goes You are what you eat, Tibetans have very unique food habit that is a part of traditional Tibetan food from many decades. Coming to Tibet for its attraction such as monasteries, temples and palaces , it is sure worth to try some of the local Tibetan food from which you could learn […]

Have you ever notice of holy Chorten at Takze county. Takze county is located at the east side of Lhasa city which covers 60km for returning Lhasa. This small town is one of the busiest among many towns located nearby Lhasa city for its resources of native Yak meat, local eggs, and milking. As far as this […]

  Tibet is one of the world’s most interesting region to visit, especially if you come from far away. Tibet’s breadth of different and deep culture, impressive architectural feats, and wide-ranging spectacular scenery will take your breath away… and keep you coming back for more. Geographically Tibet plateau is known as the roof of the […]

  Tibet Winter Trip is one the most favorable tour as well as it will let many of the travelers to admire. Till today, many travelers from a different part of the world has thought of harsh climate in Tibet during the winter that might bring them uncomfortable or inconvenience in every arrangement. But the reality […]

Songtsan Travel is a social enterprise based in Tibet. It has committed to contribute back to society through its social responsibility initiatives. We believe in the concept of helping people to help them. We have been trying our best of our limited funds to provide diversified contributions to our society. Songtsan Travel has provided financial […]

A day off in Lhasa: After Tibetan Losar. Our entire team of Songtsan Travel got busy with their own assigned responsibilities. We were virtually out of the world into the cyberspace answering query put upon by our clients and clients to be. every day begins and ends with hundreds of emails from prospective consumers. The day starts […]

Nyekar Festivals (ploughings festival): Tibetan Society is mainly an agrarian and nomadic society. These two has been the main occupation and the main industry in Tibet until recent development. But it is important for traveler to have an idea that the Tibetan culture and way of life has been preserve better in the rural communities. The […]

Solar Halo Observed in Tibet 5th May 2014: Yesterday we have received a call from one of our tour guide, while we were having lunch. She had a news about seeing a Solar Halo in the sky below. After hearing the news. We all rushed out side to take a look at it. Since we […]

Book Tibet tour: Booking a tour to Tibet might seem complicated for many travelers. Yet it isn’t that hard to do. There are thousands of foreign travelers making their tour to Tibet every year. If it is possible for them, it is possible for you too, with the right information. These steps are what we […]

For many individuals, the main reason why they want to go to Tibet is to see the amazing view of Everest’s famous North Face. The view of Everest from the Tibet side gives a clear, sweeping view of the mountain. We receive more emails about the Everest region as compare with any other regions of […]

Visit Tibet: While winter was cold and dry, spring seems to be the snowy season in Tibet – we’ve seen more snow over the last few weeks in Lhasa than we did throughout the whole winter.   Yesterday morning I woke up very early for some reason, an hour before my alarm was due to go […]

Tibet Songtsan travel is a Tibetan own Tibet travel and Tours company base in Lhasa, Tibet. All our Tibet travel team members are Tibetan and we have extensive knowledge of Tibetan history, culture, climate, hotel and all the touring destinations. All our team member are professionals and has years of extensive experience on the fields. […]

Today we purchase the first ticket from new online ticketing system introduce by The administrative in Potala palace. This is the picture and we will have more information tomorrow.

Tibet travel permit info:- Tibet is open for year 2014. As per our latest information, Tibet is OPEN to most foreign tourists! Permits has been began being accepted from 24 March 2014. The current regulations state, similar to 2013, that no group travel is required. Solo travelers can apply for travel permits. Also, mixed nationality […]

we are frequently asked if there are any differences between entering Tibet from the rest of China and entering from Nepal. In this post, I hope to clear up some misunderstandings about entering Tibet from Nepal and the differences compared to entering from China. 1. Chinese Visa If you plan to enter Tibet from Nepal, […]

Traveling to Tibet can sound extremely complicated at first. Different information sources seem to contradict each other and even different travel agencies tell you different things. In reality, travel to Tibet is quite easy and straight forward. In this post I will give you detailed information on how to get to Tibet. All of the […]

The Chinese visa authorities may issue a diplomatic, courtesy, service or ordinary visa to a foreigner according to his identity, purpose of visit to China and passport type. The following is an introduction to the ordinary visa and its application procedure: The ordinary visas consist of eight sub-categories, which are marked with Chinese phonetic letters […]

For 67-year-old Cheng Demei and his family, you can never be too old, or too young, to achieve a lifelong dream. Last summer Cheng set out for Tibet, a land of dizzy altitudes and glacial temperatures, with his family in their MINI Paceman. “I guess this might be one of the most exceptional family cross-country […]

Hong Kong, 8 January 2014 – Few places in the world are as magical as Lhasa, the administrative capital of Tibet. Set on a plateau soaring 3,650 metres above sea level, the city is encircled by the fabled Himalayan mountains, glaciers and desert-like landscapes. This intriguing destination will become home to Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts’ […]