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Western Tibet

Western Tibet is a vast, scarely populated with average altitude of over 4500 meters. The main attraction are Mount Kailash, Manasorovar lake and Guge kingdom. Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake is a legendary travel destination of the world. Many travelers have been planing all there lives for the trip to Kailash to wash away there sins. The land scape is dominated by the Himalayas on the south and vast mineral rich land, beside being a popular destiny, it also attract lots of visitors very year to see the beauty of this unique landscape.

The western Tibet also has Guge kingdom, which was once a major trade hub in central Asia. This is Kingdom was the main sources of entire for Buddhism in Tibet. Some scholar believes this kingdom was main center for developing Tibetan home grown religion of Bon. Christianity has also said to be prosper here before the Lhadhakhis intervention to subdue the new religion in region. You can read more about Guge kingdom from wikipedia.


Top destinations in and around Ali and western Tibet


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