A day off in Lhasa: After Tibetan Losar. Our entire team of Songtsan Travel got busy with their own assigned responsibilities. We were virtually out of the world into the cyberspace answering query put upon by our clients and clients to be. every day begins and ends with hundreds of emails from prospective consumers. The day starts at 9 in the morning to 9 in the evening, without realizing how fast the time has slipped by. The only reminder of slipping time was the ticking of the empty stomach.



Yesterday out of blue, at my home my mom shout out from the balcony to pass her the kettle of water to water the flowers. When I went out i was shocked to see the beautiful flower blossomed in our balcony. I ask my mom, how does the Lhukhang (the garden behind Potala palace) look like, and she said it looks awesomely beautiful. and she told me that i should not forget to enjoy the beautiful life besides working hard to bring people around the world to see this beautiful Tibet.

This makes me go back to a time when i use to be a guide, helping clients to understand this beautiful Tibet better. While being on work, I get to enjoy what I like to do the best in this world, to Travel and learn more. After seeing the beautiful flower that i have gathered from the different region of Tibet, I want to go and enjoy the beautiful garden around Potala and be at peace, away from the gadget and virtual world, and to be with me at peace.

At the garden, I saw wide colored tulip, In my mind, I went back to a time when I got some tulip from friends in Shigatse. She took care of that flower as she does care me and other flowers in her garden. But sadly I was just not there to her. Always hiding in the virtual world of cyberspace and PS3. Yet she is always beside me, making my bed when I was up late night making an update on the website and answer the query. After thinking about how my mother has been supportive and understanding I want to run back home to thank her. But i though i will do one at a time. i will enjoy the flowers and thank her later when I meet her in the home.


In the garden, I feel alive and being close to nature. since the beginning of last winter all i saw is the beautiful Tibet pictures from Flickers and then little poorly design website made base on my semi education in the web. I took a deep breath of scent from the flower and made a promise to enjoy my own existence while i work hard to make it richer. I promise to cherish the beauty of nature and love of my mother and my fiance.  I should learn to create a balance between work I love and myself, without which I am nothing.

After talking meditative silence in the park. On my way back home, I brought some flower for my mother and I apologize for my silence and emotionally not being present at home. And She said, she is happy for me to have finally found what I love to do the most, and she is proud to see the magic that i can do on the web. Yet my mom gave an aromatic motherly rank to my work. I remember her words when I was young. work truthfully and in Silence. let your work shine not your mouth. I should have listened to her words in autumn.  I hope this new website could give reliable information on Tibet tourism to people around the world and make more of them to come to visit us (My beautiful Tibet).