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A day off in Lhasa: After Tibetan Losar. Our entire team of Songtsan Travel got busy with their own assigned responsibilities. We were virtually out of the world into the cyberspace answering query put upon by our clients and clients to be. every day begins and ends with hundreds of emails from prospective consumers. The day starts […]

Nyekar Festivals (ploughings festival): Tibetan Society is mainly an agrarian and nomadic society. These two has been the main occupation and the main industry in Tibet until recent development. But it is important for traveler to have an idea that the Tibetan culture and way of life has been preserve better in the rural communities. The […]

Solar Halo Observed in Tibet 5th May 2014: Yesterday we have received a call from one of our tour guide, while we were having lunch. She had a news about seeing a Solar Halo in the sky below. After hearing the news. We all rushed out side to take a look at it. Since we […]