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Yumbu Lhakang

Yumbu Lhakang was built in 126 BC by Nyatri Tsenpo, the first king of Tibet. There are many different version about the his origin, as per Tibetan history it is believed that he has descend from heaven yet the Indian scholar believes the he is a prince of a kingdom in India and he flee to Tibet after loosing the battle in the epic Mahabharat war. Due to his unique physic it must have believed that he has descend from heaven.
Yumbu Lhakang has been named after the structure of the hill it was built on. The hill looks like a female deer. Yumbu means a female deer in Tibetan. It is believed to be the building in Tibet. It was the palace of Tobu dynasty untill Songtan Gampo who moved his capital to Lhasa and later built Potala.
Legend has it, during the reign of Lha Thothori Nyantse, the great grand father of Songtsan. It was on the roof top of the Yumbu palace where a holy scripture and a small golden pagoda has fallen from the sky, on one was able to read the strange language it was written with. He tired to find any one in his kingdom to read it, yet found no one. Then a commanding voice from heaven was heard and it said “after three generation some one will come to read it, save it till date”. It was the Songtsan Gampo sending all the smartest kid in kingdom to learn strangest language of far away land. Sambhota went to India learn Sanskrit and Pali, then he coined the first Tibetan written language. And read the scripture. It was about Buddhism, according to Tibetan historian it was the initial initiation of Buddhism in Tibet.

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