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Traduk temple

Traduk temple was known as the oldest monastery in Tibet. It was founded by the Songtsan Gampo in 7th century who later found the Jhokhang Temple in Lhasa. The name Tra means garuda and Druk means the dragon. Which together brings the word Tradruk. The temple was a small chapel which was later expand and renovated by many rulers; Trisong Detsen (the second last king of Tibet), 5th and 7th Dalai Lama. At present the monastery is of two floor and has multiple chapels in side. The main shrine of the monastery is the Tara statue which is once believe to have spoken and the Pearls embroidered Thanka of Tara. At present monastery has become a very popular destination of tourist and the pilgrims, who are coming here to have audience with the image of Tara.

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