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The Tibetan kings tombs

The Tibetan kings tomb: as name itself defines the tombs of king consist the tomb of Tibetan kings of Tubo dynasty. It is situated in the ancient capital of the dynasty the Chongye. The region consist the 20 different tombs of the Tibetan kings. There are 6 other tomb in near by Dungkar Valley. The most famous all the tomb is the Songtsan Gampo’s tomb, the most popular king of Tibet. From the Songtsan Gampo’s tomb we can clearly identify other 6 tombs surrounding it.
All the tomb are buried underground and made an artificial hill to cover it. On top of Songtsan Gampo’s tomb there is a small temple belongs to the Nyimapa order of Tibetan Buddhism (the oldest). Inside the temple the main display of the altar are Songtsan Gampo with his two queen and two of his closest ministers, Gar-Tongtsen (the chief minister) and Thumi Sambhuta the minister who first coined written Tibetan. There were some dispute about he being the found the written Tibetan language. Bon scholars are stating that the written language of Tibet does exit thousands of year before his time. But they agree that he has simplified the written Tibetan language.
According the Gadun Choephels book on Tibetan history and culture during the Tubo dynasty. After the death of king, entire wealth and possessions, so the entire team of trusted army are assigned to guard it.

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