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Samye Monastery

Samye monastery is the first monastery in Tibet built by Trisong Detsen in 8th century. He sought to revitalize Buddhism in Tibet which has been declined since the Songtsan Gampo reign in 7th century. He invite Shantarakshita to Tibet to preach Buddhism. Shantarakshita found the location auspicious and sought to build a monastery. It is said that the monastery was always destroyed by demon whenever it reach the center stage of construction. King then invite Padmasambhava to clear the obscuration and hinderance in building the monastery. Built the monastery and ordain first monk in Tibet in the newly built monastery.
Samye monastery was modeled on the design of Odantapuri monastery which is located now in Indian state of Bihar. The monastery is laid out on the shape giant mandala with it main temple representing the mythological Mt Meru in the center, and other temples surrounding the main temple represent the continents and other features in tantric Buddhist cosmology. The main Temple is full Tibetan religious in the from of mural and statues. You can also see the walking stick and some other possessions of Padmasambhava.

The samye monastery is located in present day Dranang, Shannan prefecture. Samye over the period of history have been badly damaged several times, by civil war in 11th century, fire in the mid 17th century and 19th century, earthquake in 1816 and In 20th century. After the efforts of the 10th Penchen Lama it has now became an active monastery and important pilgrim and tourist destination.

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