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Saga Dawa

Saga Dawa is a religious month and it is to commemorate the Birth, Attainment of enlightenment (Nirvana) and Death (attainment of Parinirvana) of Buddha, which falls on the fifteenth day of the fourth month in Tibetan Lunar calender. In Tibet most people goes for pilgrimage to the holy shrine and temple during the month. One of the most popular destination in modern Tibet is Jhokang temple, Mount Kai-lash (the year 2014 is a very important time to visit Kai-lash as per Tibetan lunar calender) and other popular holy shrines. It is belief that if you commit a positive verture in the month you will accumulated thousands hold positive karma and if you commit a negative verture you will accumulated thousand holds negative karma during the month. This belief make entire Buddhist Tibetan to commit them self in religious activities. Skipping non-Vegetarian diet has become a most common practice and in Lhasa believers would trek from Gephel Ri a hill behind drepung to all the way to Sara monastery and make incense offerings and put the prayer flags.