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Gyantse Palchoe monastery and Kumbum pagoda

Gyantse town is very famous for it unique architectural pagoda and the Palchoe monastery. Visit to this small town is the most popular and it is the main event in many of tour itinerary we have seen so far.
Palchoe monastery was found by 1st Penchen Lama and local king Kusang Rabten in year 1418. Unlike any other monastery this monastery has chapel from all the different sects. For which has grain reputation of being a non sectarian monastery in Tibet.
As you enter into the monastery you will find prayer wheels on both side. These prayer wheel contain a scripture contianing thousands of mani (the mantra of Avalokiteswara). And you will walk into the main assembly hall of the monastery where monks does perform religious rituals every morning. On the left side of the hall there is the Virocana chapel where you will see the wooden statues make with Newari style and those statue has history of about 500-600 years. The center chapel consist the statue of three Buddha;
Kumbum Pagoda
Kumbum means ten thousand images of Buddha. Tibetan has way of making ten thousand images of Buddha with prayers that tens of thousand of buddha would come to this world to peach sentence being the path of Sachi-anada, the purest happiness which is another word for enlightenment. This octagonal pagoda is one of the biggest achievement of Tibetan architecture. This eight store pagoda has 108 small cells and 75 chapels. The number has its importance in Tibetan beliefs. From the top of the pagoda you will have a magnificent view of the old Gyantse town including the Palchoe monastery.

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