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Basum tso

Basum tso or Drug sum tso is one the most beautiful lakes in Tibet. Drugsum literarily means three stone lake. The lake cover 28 square kilometers and it is located Kondbo gyamda county of Nyingchi prefecture. It is approximately 300 km from Lhasa. It is at altitude of 3700 meters above sea level.
The lake has lots of mythological stories related to it with popular Ling Gesar epic story. The lake has become a very popular destination for tourist for it beautiful landscape, it is a ideal place for the photographer. The mountain and forest surrounding the lake made lake appear beautiful in front of you. The main attraction of the lake is Tashi Island. On the inland there is a small chapel belongs to the oldest school of Tibetan Buddhism.
In modern Tibet the lake has attracted millions of visitors and made a huge contribution to the local tourism industry. Its has become the main detour for those who are traveling into Tibet on ancient tea route. This is a very popular Tibet tour and travel destination.

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