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Tibet Winter Trip is one the most favorable tour as well as it will let many of the travelers to admire. Till today, many travelers from different part of world has thought of harsh climate in Tibet during the winter that might brought them uncomfortable or unconviniency in every arrangement. But the reality is cold in morning and night, though its warm under sun as Tibet is called the sunlight city. Here are some reasons that you should refer the winter trip.

  1. You will witness the native taste. According to the Tibet population, 85% are nomad and farmers. During summer time they all are engaged in their farming and have to look after crazy Yaks.  So they only have the winter time to pilgrim by finishing the busy summer time. Thus, you will see lots of pilgrims during the winter time with their trational dress which you haven’t get that chance in summer time.
  2. All the inclusion of the accomodation, guide and tourist vehicel will be less price as comparing with summer time as there are less tourist during this season.
  3. You will get the local experience by witnessing more local people than tourist. In summer time, all the sightseeing spot are full of tourist, rush where you have tough time to deal with locals.