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Tibet Travel Permits or Tibet Visa 2016

Tibet travel permit is in many times called Tibet Visa by our clients. To travel in Tibet, China Visa is prerequisite, plus you will have to make different permit paper as per your place of visit. The Tibet entry permit (TTB permit) or Tibet Visa and the Alien travel permit (PSB permit) are require if you are traveling center Tibet, Lhoka region including attractions such as Yumbu Lhakang, Shalu in Shigaste county and etc. If you are visiting Lhasa and near by area, you only need Tibet entry permit. If you are visiting restricted area and passing through it, you will have to make some more permit papers including two mentioned above plus military permit, foreign affair office permit and border permit.

Songtsan Travel will provide all the necessary permit only for the clients who are touring with us.



TTB permit- Tibet entry permit or the “Tibet Visa”

When you enter into Tibet, You will need to show this permit at check posts. This document is also require in procedure for buying your flight ticket. TTB permit are also require by groups traveling via land. This can only be arranged by the travel agency organizing your trip. Songtsan Travel very good reputation in acquiring this permit to our clients.


PSB Permit – Alien Travel Permit

If you want to go to restircted areas (for example Kailash, Tsedang and others) in Tibet, you will need an Alien travel permit issued by the PSB (Public Security Bureau) of Tibet. The Alien travel permit is also sometimes reffered to as the PSB permit


Important issues regarding Tibet travel permits

1) Tibet travel permit can be acquired through your travel agency, except for the individuals falling in the following group of professionals; Diplomats, journalists, and government officials. individuals in these categories need to contact the foreign affairs office of the Tibetan Autonomous region’s Government in order to arrange a permit.

2) After your Tibet travel permit is made, Your travel agency can buy the air tickets, or you can buy the air ticket by your own self but you will need the permit in your hand, and only with the permit in hand can you pass the airport check in counter.

3) Once in Tibet, your tour guide is required to retain your permit. You may not carry it on your self, or travel within Tibet with it in your possession. The ALien Travel Permit is required for travel outside of Lhasa. If you attempt to travel outside of Lhasa with only a Tibet entry permit, you will be deported and could face legal penalties. Furthermore, the travel agency which helped you acquire the permit and your travel guide could also face sanctions.

Do not trust a travel agency that offers to sell you a Tibet travel permit without requiring you to book a tour. No legitimate travel agency will offer “permit only” service. Avoid wasting your money, as this is almost certainly a scam.

Tip: When applying for a Chinese visa, it is generally better not to mention Tibet. After you get your Chinese visa, a Tibet travel permit is easily obtained. Otherwise you will have to wait for your Tibet permit before getting your Chinese visa which is virtually impossible. Of course, there is always the slight risk that you might be refused entry to Tibet even if you get a Chinese visa first. In our experience, the TTB seldom refuses entry to tourists unless they belong to one of the categories of people mentioned above (diplomats, journalists, government officials).


Frequently asked question

Question: How to apply the China visa if i am coming to Tibet from the USA via Beijing?
Answer: When you are applying for China Visa you have to mention that you are going for tour in China. You will need Tibet travel permit to book a flight from China. Once you have the China Visa, you can send us an copy of your Chinese Visa and front page of your passport to make Tibet travel permit paper and we will deliver it to any address in China.

Question: How to apply the China visa if I am coming from Nepal?
Answer: If you are entering into Tibet Via Nepal, it is very important for you to acquire Visa from Chinese embassy in Kathmandu. Even if you have a visa issue from somewhere else it is not valid for you to enter into Tibet from Nepal. We can help you to get Visa easily from Nepal.

Question: How to i get the travel permits?
Answer: Tibet travel permit can only be made by agency in Tibet organizing your tour. Once when you have the Visa you have to send a copy of visa and front page of your passport. You need Tibet Travel permit  to book a flight to Tibet from any where in China. We will post it to the given Address in China.   If you are entering into Tibet by Nepal as mentioned above you need to get Visa from Chinese embassy in Kathmandu even if you have  Visa from anywhere else. its necessary for you to have Visa invitation letter from your tour operating agency in Tibet. We can send you the invitation and help you to get Visa from Nepal. You also need to make Tibet travel permit which will bring by your tour guide to Sino-Nepal Boder check post. Or if you are coming by flight you will need to show Tibet travel permit at Lhasa airport check point, in which case we will have it with your guide, who will be receiving you at the airport.

if i client wants you come by train, He or she doesn’t need original paper. we can  send you the scanned copy of your travel permit. but it is very important to have one handy in Tibet. in which case it will be with tour guide.

The copy which you will send us should be a copy of passport in which you have obtain Chinese visa. In additionally, we will need to know your occupation, as if journalists, Photographer and government officials/politician  as we may  require it in complicate procedures in applying for permit. Please be advised that you need to apply for the travel permit at least 10 days prior to your entry date. Also note that if you do not book a tour from our agency, we can not help you get a permit. No travel agency can provide “permit-only” service. Here is a note from Lonely Planet:

“Lhasa PSB will not issue travel permits to individuals and will direct you to a travel agency. Agencies can arrange a travel permit to almost anywhere but only if you book a Land Cruiser, driver and a guide.”

Question: How long does it take to get a Tibet travel permit?
Answer: Generally it takes three days to get the Tibet permit if you supply all of the necessary documents, and another 3 days (or more) to Express Deliver. But it will take more time for us to get you all the papers ready if you are traveling to Kailash. It is better if you can contact us in advance. So that we can provide you better service.



If you have any further questions about Tibet permit, please send us an email sales@tibetsongtsantravel.comor you can check the website of Tibet Tourism office