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Tibet Travel Insurance


First of all we wish all our client would not have to deal with Tibet travel insurance company. May all our tours be successfull without any mishap. Yet it is always better to be safe then sorry, we strongy recommand our cleints be aware of the coverage in our insurance and make proper decission. There are many tour service provider how are not registered and not insured, it is very Important to check their registration certificates and thier insurance coverage.

Many Individuals and families are choosing to travel during their Vacations. Although visiting new place is exciting and rewarding, some times unexpected contingencies occur beyond our control that may put a damper on your trip. To minimize unplanned damages and loss, we offer travel Agencies liability Insurance.

The isurance we offer to our clinets is called Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance, regulated by the China National Tourism Administration. Under this paln, client will recieve compensation for personal or property losses, injury, or damage incurred during the guide tour. This insurance does not cover mishaps or physical problems occur outside our guided tour period or caused by clients themsleves.


Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance covers only accidents occurs during the activities arranged by the travel agencies, so it is recommended to our clients to purchase insurance from your home country before departure. It is strongly recommended to puchase travel insurance sufficient to cover medical needs and trip curtailment beyond the coverage of the Agency policy. here is the link to the good travel insurance provider, but this is just an recomdation we are making, we are not laible to the insurance you may buy from them, DBS TravellerShield-Travel insurance.

There is an insurance offers initiated by Tibet brach of China insurance company against altitude sick and related symptoms, which are not covered in the insurance we have purchase for our clients. The clients can buy this insurance on arrival, the cost would be 50 yuan (7.5 US Dollar) or 100 yuan. This insurance is valid for 15 days with maximum compensation of 100,000 to 200,000 yaun respectively. It is always advisable to equire to our representives for furthur question before making decission to buy insurance from home or in Tibet.