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Private Tibet spiritual  Tour

Private Tibet spiritual  tour offers you  an opportunities to explore Tibet, that has been spiritual tour destiny for foreigner for many centuries. Its geographical isolation and unique landscape, provides great advantages for individuals with spiritual quest. Many gods are believe to be residing in Tibet for that reason. Tibetan has many legendary tales about great practitioner from different religion beliefs. In this unique series of spiritual tour, we offer different spiritual tour covering different spiritual destiny in Tibet.

We have different range of itinerary in this tour category. Spiritual tour to Mt Kailash and Central Tibet has been very popular in recent years. But if you are interest in retreat and meditating in Tibet we have a special tour for you. you can click our specialties on top menu.We can always make a custom made tour to fit the need of your interest and needs. Our tour consultant are professional train and experienced in designing tour itinerary to fit our clients need. You can also find our happy costumer in our facebook page





Our popular private Tibet spiritual  Tours